Eduardo Cruz . Self thought artist that developed a unique and intricate style at a very young age . Must of his early works were just black ink, after several years he started exploring other mediums.
Some of his works today include: coated steel sheet metal etching, metal engravings and rock engravings, acrylic paint, and pyrography on various types of wood.

Eduardo’s work its been shown in the Portland area in both solo shows and group shows. He was a featuring artist in the 2018 Portland Oregon Glean program member of the Portland Latino Artist Exchange.
He’s a collaborator in the 2018, and the art and altars curator in the 2019 dia de los muertos celebration in the Portland Art Museum.

Eduardo is also the founder and leader of the group Huehca Omeyocan. Art, Culture, ancestral Mexica, Chichimeca Aztec Music and Dance. Founded and established with the ancestral values of the Anahuac
civilization . He loves drumming and exploring other ancestral inspired instruments and sounds including flutes, whistles and ocarinas among many other instruments.

Today Eduardo continues to explore and experiment with even more mediums and savaged materials to continue to learn, grow, expand and share his creativity as an artist as well as a performer with our Comunity
and in general with the world.